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Ottawa Junk Removal has been in the junk removal business for many years. We want to help local residents in Ottawa, Canada in cleaning up or removing your junks with great and affordable junk moving services. We have been providing excellent and quality junk removing service for almost 10 years that why is a lot of people trust and rely on our company when it comes to junk removal. We are also known for our best service without compromising or destroying the environment. The junks the we collect from our customers are not being thrown out in the landfill but they are being reused, recycled or being repaired so that it can be given to local charitable organizations. Through this, we thereby lessen the waste going to the landfill for about 97%. We are a junk removal company that is licensed and insured, so our services are 100% true and original. Call us or visit our website now for more information.

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