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Residential Junk Removal

It’s good when you’re living in a house where all your family is there. All your needs and convenience are met, and practically everything is inside your home. But there are things that you can’t seem let go. Then after years or so, the items that you have been storing got broken and you have a problem on where to throw it. Well, we at Ottawa Junk Removalhave the solution for you. If your house or you residential home is full of junks, such as old appliances, furniture such tables, sofas, computers and everything else and other unusable items that you want to get rid of then let our junk removal company do it for you with our residential junk removal services. We sort your junks, collect them and we make it possible to recycle them and give it to charities. Our lowest price guarantee makes our service very affordable to people who are in a tight budget. Let Ottawa Junk Removalfree your home from the unsightly mess of junks.

Commercial Junk Removal

When you’re in a corporate industry you must know that work can’t properly be done if you have junks all over the place. If you can’t seem to provide a solution on how to get rid of the junk and other unnecessary stuffs in your office, then hire Ottawa Junk Removaland be amazed with their commercial junk removal services.We at Ottawa Junk Removalare experts and very knowledgeable when it comes to commercial junk removal. This is because we have been doing this kind of service for many years. We have been removing the junks of small offices, well known business companies or even warehouses. We get rid of your stuffs such as unused chairs, tables and cubicles and we can even repair them so that we can give it to a local charity. We at Ottawa Junk Removal serve property managers, renovators and contractors, real estate firmsretailers and wholesalers and service organizations. Whenever you need a reliable junk removal service for your company, you can count always on Ottawa Junk Removal.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

We at Ottawa Junk Removaloffer an eco-friendly junk removal service to people who wants their junk out of their homes and offices and their lives. Whether we are removing junk from a residential home, office or in a business company, we absolutely make sure your junks or your unusable items will be recycled, reused and even repaired so that we can give it to a local charity who are more in need. We at Ottawa Junk Removalis an eco-friendly junk Removal Company that truly cares about Mother Earth. We help your junks be used again in every possible way.