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"Ottawa Junk Removalis very professional, on-time and fast when it comes to removing and cleaning up our junks and other debris in our house. When we came back to our home, we were very surprise on how clean and spacious it is. Big thanks to a dependable junk removal team. "

Clarisse, 32, Ottawa

"We have used the services of Ottawa Junk Removalto remove an assortment of old furniture, equipment and general junk. The staff arrived promptly at the arranged time, got straight to the job and stuck to the quoted price and they were very professional with their job. We would not hesitate to use the services of Ottawa Junk Removalagain in the future."

Rob, 37, Ottawa

"We would recommend to the people of Canada Ottawa Junk Removalservices if they want to remove or clean up unnecessary or unused stuffs in their place. They are really capable of removing old junks. No matter how plenty our junks were, they were able to clean up our house with ease. "

Travis, 28, Ottawa

"Thanks for the big help Ottawa Junk Removal! You practically saved us from the debris."

Chris, 28, Ottawa

"I am very pleased and satisfied on what they have done in our home. They completely clean and get rid of our junks fast and on time."

Rachel, 45, Ottawa

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